Sunday, January 17, 2010

12/21/09--Tis the Season.....

What a busy busy day today! We have been so busy we have left shopping for the last minute. Today we had a lot to accomplish--nothing like cramming everything into one day.

We left Aunt Joanne's house early this morning heading to Woodbury Commons. Both girls fell asleep in the car so Mike stayed with them while they slept and I ran around as fast as i could to get some stuff done. The sales weren't as great as I had hoped for. Then we ran home to drop Daisy off and use the restroom. Then off to NYC. We found street parking but because of the snow banks Mike wouldn't have been able to use get his scooter out. So we had to garage it. Ran to American Girl place because we promised Amanda. Then off to the tree and then to the Rockettes! A great family day (but exhausting!)

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