Saturday, May 24, 2008

5/7/08--Mike's birthday

Out of order--but don't want to forget--Mike's birthday! Big 37 this year. He is old! I can say that because he will always be older than me!!!! We invited his parents to dinner. We went to Trattoria Sapporito--4th and Washington St. here in Hoboken. Great Italian food. They were less then patient with the girls though. We usually sit outside incase the girls get rambunctios we take them for a walk-etc. but it was soooo cold today--so we sat inside. Amanda loves calamari--but they sprinkled chopped parsley on it and god forbid it had a speck of green on it--oh no--she was not eating it. Abbey loves everything (except pancakes--go figure) esp. Daddy's 7 layer birthday cake!

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