Sunday, May 11, 2008


We are up visiting my family this weekend because Alyssa's confirmation is going to be held on Monday evening (yes--weird I know--but I guess that is the only day the bishop is available to do it --how convenient) Alyssa asked me to be her sponsor! What a privilege! Today we drove up to Woodstock (30 min. north of my parents house). I love the village of Woodstock. They have the cutest little shops! I never have taken Amanda--so it was fun to do together. I bought them tied-dyed Woodstock t-shirts. So out of character for me--but when in "Woodstock."

Abbey has croup and just went to the doctor so she slept in the car and Mike stayed with her.

One of my favorite stores is Jean Turmo--she sells all kinds of bath supplies--soaps, bath beads, jewelery, nail polish, etc......Amanda loved picking out all the bath beads in different shapes! We also went to Bearsville and showed the girls a Chinese rest. called the Little Bear--it is situated along a rushing stream and is just so quaint. If you ever go around Halloween time--they cut out a lot of Jack-o-lanterns and place them all along the side of the stream and it looks awesome. The girls were in no mood to sit still for lunch--so we just got something to go, used their restroom, and took a few photos. A really nice day. I haven't been up to Woodstock in at least 4 yrs. if not longer--so it was nice relaxing day browsing around!

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alpinejenny said...

the top picture of abbey is adorable. i kinda looked like that too!