Monday, March 3, 2008

3/1/08--St. Patty's Day in Hoboken

St. Patty's day in Hoboken is a big deal if you are in college! Kids come here to do the famous bar crawl and let me tell you it is CRAZY! There are people in green everywhere and mostly drunk. Bars open at 11am and people line up way before. There is also the annual parade. Amanda's teacher, Mrs. Foley was going to be in the parade this year so we had to go see her. We missed her in the actual parade but ran into her afterwards along with her classmate-Sophia. Mrs. Foley was voted Irishwoman of the year 2004! The national anthem was sung by an American Idol contestant that was from Hoboken. I am not an Idol watcher--do I never saw her before--but she sounded good. Abbey's favorite party of the parade was the doggies that marched! She went bonkers for them!

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