Saturday, January 15, 2011

12/15/10--Madeline passed away

Madeline our little kitty princess died. She dropped down to just over 4lbs. I took her to the vet. yesterday and had bloodwork done. Her levels were off and she was fighting something. Prob. cancer. She was good up until the last couple days. Drinking tons of fluids lately. It was a very very sad day for me. The girls didn't cry. Amanda act. asked when can she get another kitty. I was floored. I was so mad i couldn't answer her. That night i told her that people and animals are NOT replaceable and how it hurt me for her to say that. Madeline was with me always since i was 20 yrs. old. She was around when Samantha (my most beloved English Springer spaniel was alive and when my Mom was alive) She was what seems like the last living peice of my childhood left. Now it is gone. My princess Madeline (Lana--ask in Madelana which we often would call her) we miss you every day but know you are not suffering anymore. Stay with MeMe and she will take care of you. We will be together someday in heaven to hear that purr again!

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