Tuesday, September 28, 2010

9/27/10--Daisy Mtg.

Today we discussed the orange petal: Resp. for what I say and do. The girls made chore charts and need to earn twenty points before next mtg. in order to get their orange badge. 1 point for doing a chore when asked. 2 points for doing chores when not asked. Desiree found this chore chart and I think it is fabulous. The girls understood it and I love when it clicks in their little minds on how they can help. Amanda has been busy all night. I asked her if she was going to stop after twenty--she said yes. How did I know.

Then each girl made a daisy headband. Blue ribbon, daisy flower, headband, rhinestone. They would have turned out better with my hot glue gun....but then the girls couldn't make them on their own. I thought it was a nice idea. Oh well. Perhaps i will bring my glue gun in a couple weeks and offer to fix the girls headbands who need to be repaired.

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