Saturday, August 29, 2009

8/16/09--House Guest cont.

Today we took Alyssa and her friends to China town. Martina had never been there before. They each got a knock off bag, Steph--a peace t-shirt, and Amanda got a pair of ballerina earrings. Abbey LOVED playing with a dog near one of the street vendors. Joanne didn't know it was a pit bull--she couldn't believe i let her play with a pit bull. It was a very nice dog though. Then we headed uptown to Carnegie deli which had too long of a line so we ended up at the Stardust diner. Abbey loved all the singers. Then to American Girl Place and back to Hoboken. They had to bring Carlos back to their families so--back again to Carlos. This time Buddy was there! One of the highlights from today---getting not one but TWO awesome free parking spots in NY! Talk about luck!!!!

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