Wednesday, March 18, 2009

3/5/09--Tonsil Day

Place: NY Eye and Ear Infirmary--2nd/14th St., NY

Arrival time: 6am

Surgery time: 7:30am

Surgeon: Dr. Jay Dolitsky, Specialty-Pediatric Ear, Nose, Throat

Surgery completion: 8:20am

Recovery room: 40 min.

Departed Hospital: Noon

Amanda was a trooper. We are so proud of her. She spoke about her surgery prior to this morning calmly. When I woke her up to go to the hospital--she was scared and really didn't want to go. Mike and I promised to stay with her the entire time. She put on her Looney Tunes pajamas set when we got there. They took her temperature and blood pressure. Then we watched TV. Shortly before 7am they gave me a gown to wear and a hair cap in order to go to the OR with Amanda. We went to the recovery room area and watched Dora for a while. They offered Amanda a liquid sedative--she tasted it and spit it all over me/her. Fun!!! No problem. 7:30am arrived and we were wheeled into the OR. I wore a mask and the anesthesiologist put one on Amanda as well. Within 10 seconds she was sound asleep. If I can only get her to do that at home!!!! I went to her private hospital room to wait with Mike until the doctor called us. Fast easy. 8:20am the phone rang and Dr. Jay said she did great. Her adenoids were huge--no bleeding with her throat. We can go down to see her when she woke up. She woke up minutes after we got to the recovery room. She was disoriented and it was hard to see her like that--but that was the worst of it. She could speak. She just wanted her IV tube out. I held her and then about 40 min. later they took us to her private hos. room. She slept there for a while, had a lollipop, drank some water, peed twice, watched tv, and the best news she received was that I asked Dr. Jay if she could drink soda--he said yes. OMG--she was so excited! She had a Sprite!

Grandma Tennaro arranged everything for us (inc. free parking!). It is her hospital after all. She is second in command of the whole hospital! All the employees were so kind to us. Amanda had many visitors all bringing gifts and offering us food, drinks, etc.... Very inviting. Balloons and white roses adorned her room courtesy of the different departments of the hospital--since they knew Dr. Tennaro's granddaughter was going to be there! We couldn't have been taken care of better. It made the whole process so smooth esp. for Amanda who was truly treated like royalty!

Amanda's recovery has been remarkable. No pain (only a couple times when she sneezed the day after did she say it hurt--but only a little). No bleeding. She even ate mac n cheese for dinner the evening of her surgery. No recovery time for Mom and Dad! She got home and wanted us to play. Abbey wasn't home--she was visiting her Aunts, Pop-Pop and her cousins in New Paltz/Highland. So Amanda wanted Mommy and Daddy to be her playmates! Games galore for the rest of the day.

So far we have noticed her breathing improve. She is not mouth breathing anymore. No more snoring. She has had a few dry pull-ups since the surgery--but not every night. We are working on that. A very successful yet stressful day. Thankfully we can put this behind us!

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