Sunday, July 13, 2008

6/20/08--Amanda's Dance Recital

Amanda performed in her first dance recital today. She takes a combo class every Monday from 3-4pm at Hoboken Dance Academy. 1/2 hour is ballet and 1/2 hour is tap. All the girls did an awesome job! They all looked so incredibly cute up on stage. Amanda made Mike and I so proud. Amanda needs a little break from dance class--the last few weeks have been like pulling teeth to get her to attend. I am not sure if she is tired after school, the nice weather is here and she would rather be outside at the park or if she flat out doesn't like dancing. She tells me she wasts to do soccer class again. Perhaps having the summer off will give her time to think about what extracurricular activities she would be interested in doing. One day she loves something the next day--she hates it! Nevertheless--Amanda started ballet in Sept. and we finished the year out with this lovely recital!!!!

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