Wednesday, June 25, 2008

6/19/08----Sesame Place

A little summer getaway--Sesame Place! We all had a good time. The girls loved the water slide, wave pools, fishy ride that went up in the air, the carousel, etc..... The shows were fun too--but a little long for my girls attention span--esp Abbey. The girls got to see all their characters--although the live characters scared Abbey to death. We had dinner with the characters and she was okay as long as they didn't some near her--but at one point she did hi-five I believe it was Elmo. On our second day at the park many of Amanda's school friends came down along with some other friends for a day trip. Amanda loved bumping into people as we went around the park, esp. Olivia K. and Gabriella. We would def. go again. It is only 90 min. from our home.

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